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LEGO Minifigure Ideas?

Most people have stopped looking for Mr. Gold and most stores have finished selling the baggies for series 10 (Well most of the stores where I live. :razz:) A list of minifigs that will be in Series 11 have recently sprung up around the web, as well as some pictures. I was thinking how amazing it is that LEGO has almost created every kind of minifigure I could think of! It makes me wonder how many more series there will be though. 😐

My current collection of minifigures includes:

The Zookeeper from Series 5

The Detective from Series 5

The Egyptian Queen from Series 5

The Cavewoman from Series 5

The Flamenco Dancer from Series 6

The Bunny Suit Guy from Series 7

The Galaxy Patrol from Series 7

The Trendsetter from Series 10

And the Bumblebee Girl from Series 10

My favorite minifigures that I own are The Flamenco Dancer, The Trendsetter, and The Bumblebee Girl.

So what do you think LEGO should make into a minifigure? And what are your favorite minifigures? Please tell us what you think in a comment by clicking here! 😀