Jesus Is The Way

Most of the posts here are for lego , but this gets serious…

A very long time ago , a man named “JESUS” was born. He never did anything wrong , even though at age 33 , He was tortured and killed for the sins of the world. HE DIED FOR US , SO THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS SERVE HIM. He asks for us not to steal , use his name in vain , kill , lie , and other sins. The BIBLE has a list of what not to do called “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” . They can be found in Exodus chapter 20. I serve God and hope you will. To get him in your heart , pray . Ask God to come into your heart and admit that you have sinned. I hope you become a Christian too! GOD BLESS!
(Written by Tobymacboy, owner of Classics Rising.)

18 thoughts on “Jesus Is The Way

    • I don’t actually know what I am! But what TobyMacBoy said is true. It’s kinda like what Patrick Henry said when he said “I shall no longer think of myself as a Virginian, I shall think of myself as an American!”. We shouldn’t really think of ourselves as Baptists or whatever we are, we should think of ourselves as Christians, because that’s the point.

  1. The dashboard is actually really easy once you get the hang of it. Its the organization that I hate. Like everything is in a folder that may have nothing to do with it.

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