LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends is okay. I mean I am glad LEGO finally realized that LEGOs aren’t just for boys, but I wish they would make a set for girls with regular minifigures instead of the weird ones Friends has. LEGOs are not only for boys!!!!!!! What is your opinion on this subject? Please comment!

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3 thoughts on “LEGO Friends

  1. I personally believe LEGO made a great move making the Friends sets. Many girls love LEGOs, but a lot of them feel awkward and embarrassed to build sets from other themes, as most are marketed to the other sex. Thus, LEGO’s creation of Friends has made many females pleased that LEGO made a theme exclusively for them. Friends allows girls to feel comfortable enjoying LEGOs without them considering them “boy toys”. It also introduces a very fun hobby to girls who aren’t acquainted with LEGO.

    Unfortunately, there are at least two downsides I’ve encountered. First, many FFOLs like Friends. However, others don’t like how the theme has many differences from other themes, as they find most these changes unpleasant. Second, there is the fact that Friends makes many girls see other themes as even more boyish than before. This is because LEGOs creation of the theme makes many of them believe it was made so girls could have their own theme so they wouldn’t need to buy the “boy themes”. This keeps them stuck in the Friends theme, causing them to only enjoy a small portion of the many great sets LEGO has to offer.

    In the end, I agree that LEGO should create more themes that are for girls, but more traditional than Friends.

    • I think making the LEGO Friends set was a good move on the companies part, but they shouldn’t have make the minifigures a different shape or kind than the boy sets. It makes me feel like girls think that they can only build the Friends sets or Disney Princess because they have those minifigures and the regular ones are only for boys.

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