My Thoughts On The Summer 2013 Lord Of the Rings Sets (Part 3)

As you may remember, last week, I started a three part arc about my thoughts on the summer 2013 Lord Of The Rings sets. The first post was about The Wizard Battle and The Council Of Elrond sets, and Part 2 was about Battle At The Black gate and Pirate Ship Ambush. Well, there hasn’t been a Part 3, but (as you probably know), that’s today’s post! Unlike the last two posts, this one will be about only one set, The Tower Of Orthanc. It makes sense to only write about this one set though, as A, there aren’t anymore summer 2013 LOTR sets, and B, even if there were more sets, I would still write a post exclusively about this set, because it is very large. Also note this post will be pretty different than the last two. So let’s start!


Set 10237 The Tower Of Orthanc, is the first exclusive set in the Lord Of The Rings theme. (In case you don’t know, exclusive sets are sets that can only be bought from and official LEGO Stores. Exclusive sets are usually very large sets, usually having a few thousand pieces! They are usually targeted for builders that are 14 years and up, because of the large prices and advanced building techniques these sets have.) It comes with 2359 pieces and is over 28 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It comes with 6 very detailed rooms, which are the entrance hall, Saruman’s throne room, the alchemy room, the library, the dungeon, and the attic. It includes an Eagle, a buildable Ent figure, 5 minifigures, And tons of accessories! So first up, the rooms!

➡ The Rooms:

💡 The Entrance Hall:

The entrance hall features two opening doors (used to get inside), a trap door that drops you into the dungeon, two large banners bearing the White Hand of Saruman, a nice looking chandelier, a statue (which is a grey microfigure) and two axes. Overall, I think this is a nice room, but isn’t as great as the others.

💡 The Dungeon:

The dungeon features a chain, two bones, two skulls and a rat. It also has stickers that show scary things, such as wargs. Yikes! Although this is a cool room, and really captures the feel of a creepy little dungeon, it isn’t as cool as the other rooms.

Part of the Entrance Hall and The Dungeon

💡 Saruman’s Throne Room:

Saruman’s throne room features two lamps, two bookcases three potions, a map, a letter, and a palantir with a LEGO light brick, which is lit up when you push up the chandelier below! As you can tell, this is the main room of this set. It is very detailed with lots of little pieces, and has an awesome looking palantir! And as you might have noticed, it is pretty similar to the Wizard Battle set.

The Throne Room

💡 The Alchemy Room:

The alchemy room features two torches, a bomb ( which is being made for the Battle of Helm’s Deep), two potions, a bottle, a skull, a gunpowder keg, pot, cauldron and an axe. This is a very nice room, and is also the room that has those awesome looking windows! I just love those!

The Alchemy Room

💡 The Library:

The library features two books, two torches, two maps and two skulls. This is a cool room, with lots of details. It also has paintings of three wizards, one who is Radagast! 😆


The Library

💡 The Attic:

The attic features a folding staircase (which goes down to The Library), the three staffs of the missing wizards, the two keys of the Two Towers, two maps, and an Uruk-hai helmet, shield and sword. This seems to be a secret room, as you can tell from the secret staircase, the Uruk-Hai armor, and a picture of The Eye Of Sauron! 😯

The Attic with The Library under it

➡ The Outside:

As for the outside of the tower, it is just beautiful. It is very detailed, and is very tall. There just isn’t much more you can say about it, so I’ll let some pictures speak for me instead. 😉

➡ The Minifigures:

The Tower Of Orthanc comes with five minifigures, Saruman, who has a skirt and torso piece with robe printing, a white cape, his new hair/beard piece, and a doubled sided head showing a neutral and angry face, Grima Wormtounge (exclusive to this set), who has black pants, a black shirt with lots of details, a black cape, medium length black hair with a Widow’s Peak, and a double sided head with a neutral face and an angry face, Gandalf The Grey who is the same as he is in other sets, exept having long grey hair and a double sided head with a neutral and angry face, an Uruk-Hai with the White Hand on his helmet, and an Orc Pitmaster. the set also comes with a very cool Ent, who is 9 inches tall, has posable limbs, and a swinging arm function. And don’t forget the set comes with the new eagle piece! 😀

➡ The Price:

This set is $200 dollars, which at first seems pretty pricey. Do remember this set is over 28 inches tall and comes with 2359 pieces, which comes out to about 8 cents a piece. A very nice price, especially for a licensed set!

➡ Should You Get It?:

If you are a big fan of Lord Of The Rings, and have enough money, I would say yes. It is so large, so detailed, so accurate, comes with great minifigs (plus an Ent and eagle), and is just so cool! If you collect LOTR sets, this would be the highlight of your collection, and a very great one indeed! if you still need some considering, I suggest watching the Designer Video below to see it fully.

Well, that wraps up the third and final post about my thoughts on the 2013 LOTR sets. although you cannot buy this set until July 1st, you can view it in the LEGO Shop by clicking here, or buy any other Lord Of The Rings set here.

So, what do you think of The Tower Of Orthanc? i personally want it so bad! The only problem is I find that even though Grima’s skin is lighter than other minifigs, it is not as light as you would accurately expect, as he had totally pale skin in the movie. Otherwise I love him so much, and every thing else in this set! What’s your opinion? Please write your thoughts in the comment section below! 😛

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Summer 2013 Lord Of the Rings Sets (Part 3)

  1. Nice, Noah. Yeah, I like the Radagast picture as well. Have you seen the first Hobbit film? Radagast’s in it and hilarious.

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