My Thoughts On The Summer 2013 Lord Of The Rings Sets (Part 1)

Like the title says, I will be giving my thoughts on the Summer 2013 Lord Of The Rings sets. I will be splitting this up into three parts, today’s post, which will talk about set 79005 The Wizard Battle, and set 79006 The Council Of Elrond, another post, which will feature set 79007 Battle At The Black Gate, and set 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush, and a third post about The Tower Of Othanc. So let’s get started! 😀

➡ 79005 The Wizard Battle:

Anybody who has watched Fellowship Of The Ring likely remembers the scene were Gandalf and Saruman battle after Gandalf refuses to join the forces of Sauron. So wouldn’t everyone who’s a fan of that scene love to have it made into a LEGO set, right? Well, read on to find out!

💡 The Set:

The Wizard Battle comes with just 113 pieces, making it a pretty small set. However, it comes with one piece that is very cool, a Palantíri showing the Eye Of Sauron! Unfortunately, this seems to be the only interesting piece in the set (excluding minifigure pieces). Despite this, the build is actually pretty cool looking. It comes with one function; when you push a Technic piece attached to the throne, Saruman will get pushed off his throne, as if he is lunging at Gandalf.

💡 The Minifigures:

This set has some pretty cool minifigures, who are Gandalf The grey and Saruman. Gandalf comes with his normal outfit, excluding his cape. However, he doesn’t come with his hat, but instead a long grey hair piece. Also, his head comes with two expressions, one angry and another neutral. Saruman comes with white pants, a new torso printing, and a cape. He also comes with a new head printing, and a new hair piece. He is only found in this set and The Tower Of Orthanc. Both minifigures come with staffs.

💡 The Price:

Being just $13 dollars for 113 pieces, this set comes out to a 11 cents a piece, which is average for a licensed set. So the price is pretty Average.

💡 Should You Get It?:

That depends. Because a replica that is almost the same is part of The Tower Of Orthanc set, there would be no reason to get this if you are getting The Tower Of Orthanc set, unless you want it for the different Palantíri. However, if you aren’t getting the Tower Of Orthanc, I would recommend picking this up.



➡ 79006 The Council Of Elrond:

Ah, The Council Of Elrond. Such a iconic scene in LOTR. However, does the LEGO version have the same beauty? Read on to find out!

💡 The Set:

Having just 243 pieces, The Council Of Elrond is also a small set. It doesn’t come with any interesting pieces, but it is a very pretty set. From the trees to the chairs, LEGO sure captured the glory of Rivendell, even if the set doesn’t look finished. It also comes with a function were you can make Gimli fly into the air after striking The Ring with his ax, just like he does in the movie!

💡 The Minifigures:

The Council Of Elrond comes with Elrond, Arwen, Frodo, and Gimli. Although Frodo and Gimli are no different then they are in other sets (excluding Frodo having a new facial expression and no cape), every piece Elrond and his daughter Arwen are made with are new. Both are absolutely amazing minifigures! However, It would have been nice to have at least one more member of The Fellowship (specifically Boromir), and a chair for him too.

💡 The Price:

Well, besides not looking finished, this is the only other problem with the set. A set with 243 pieces would be expected to be $20 to $25 dollars, even if it is licensed. However, this set is $30, which is a pretty disappointing price. Not horrible, but not good either…

💡 Should You Get It?:

Probably. It is a beautiful set, even though it is overpriced and doesn’t look quite finished. However, if you don’t mind those two things much, then I would say yes. If you are a bit reluctant to spend $30 dollars, I would check for sales on it, especially on Amazon.


So there you have it, my thoughts on The Wizard Battle and The Council Of Elrond. Bot have recently been available for purchase from You can buy any of the LOTR sets here.

So what are your thoughts on these two sets? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And don’t forget to come back soon for part 2! 😛

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