Brick Archives Is Getting Updated Soon!

You know how I said I would be updating the Rooms starting today? Well, I decided that I will not just be updating the Rooms, but to also update Brick Archives! 😛

So, what will be in this update? Lots of things, such as:

– A new About page*
– A FAQ page
– A how to page on how to do certain things on the site
– A brickfilms of the week page
– Bios for the writers at BA
– New headers (the picture at the top of the site)
– More posts each week

Don’t forget, I will possibly add other things that aren’t listed here. *Also note that I don’t want a new About page just because the current one is small, but also because it has been acting weird lately. 😕

All of the listed above will be added in the update (excluding the bios, which will be added later). Your probably wondering when the update is. Well, the date is currently secret, but I will say it will be sometime in mid June.

So, what thing in the update are you looking forward to the most? Say what in the comments below! And don’t forget, if there is a LEGO theme you want to have a Room, please click here. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Brick Archives Is Getting Updated Soon!

  1. Ah! More Lord of the Rings news! I love it. Nice post though it should be axe not ax (I hate to be a critic). 🙂

      • Then it’ll probably be on Pirate Ship Ambush, Battle at the Black Gate, and Orthanc right?

      • Sorry, I can’t publish it until Saturday. And it will be about Battle At The Black Gate & Pirate Ship Ambush. Part 3 will be about The Tower Of Orthanc. 😀

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