Happy Star Wars Day!

(Sorry I couldn’t publish this yesterday, May 4th, which is really Star Wars Day.)

Do you like Star Wars? Then you’ll love this post! I will be showing you LEGO Star Wars brickfilms, polls, and even some news about  cool promotions on LEGO.com for Star Wars Sets, all to celebrate May the 4th! So let’s start! 😀

➡ LEGO Star Wars Promotions:

The LEGO Star Wars promotions are:

A FREE exclusive Han Solo Hoth Suit minifigure with purchase of any LEGO Star Wars sets that equals up to $75 or more!

A FREE LEGO Star Wars poster with any LEGO Star Wars purchase!

And FREE Shipping on orders over $49!

However, there is one more thing that is better then any of these promotions, special discounts on LEGO Star Wars sets! Some of these discounts are Jabba’s Palace for $108, Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor for $36, and even the UCS B-Wing Starfighter $100 dollars, which is half price! Also, don’t forget that you get free shipping on any order of LEGOs that is $49 dollars or more! Remember today is the last day for You can find the promotions here, and the discounts here. Happy shopping! 😛

➡ LEGO Star Wars Brickfilms:

Here I will be showing you three LEGO Star Wars brickfilms. Although you might have seen the first and second ones, the third will likely be new to you. Enjoy!

➡ Star Wars Polls:

Here I have a few Star Wars polls. Please take all of them!

So, there you go. Sorry I wasn’t able to write this yesterday. Also, i’m sorry there’s not much here, but i’m in a hurry. Anyways, May The 4th Be With You!!! 😛


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2 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. The green screen effects in the third are amazing! I’ve tried GS before and I am not that good at it 😦

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