Minifig In The Mosaic #3 Results!

(Sorry but I’m going on a ten Nile hike today so I have to postpone today’s post util tomorrow, May 5th. Sorry.)

Welcome to the Minifig In The Mosaic #3 Results! This will be a bit dfferent than the results of past contests, and I want future ones to be alot like this one. So let’s start! 😛

➡ Minifigures:

So, here are the answers! you can click on any of these answers to see what they look like, or click here to see them in the 3rd contest.

1. Roman Soldier

2. Rocker Girl

3. Fairy

Bonus: Court Jester


➡ Contestants:




➡ Scores:

Ok. Like I meantioned last time, I will now be scoring people’s answers. 1. 2. & 3. are worth 33 points, and the bonus is worth 1 point. I will also write V for right, and X for wrong to save time.

💡 Tobymacboy:

1. X ( Guessed Heroic Knight)

2. V

3. V

Bonus: X (Guessed Krazi)

Score: 66%

💡 Ntk743:

1. X (Guessed Luke)

2. X (Guessed Young Anakin)

3. V

Bonus: X (No guess)

Score: 33%

💡 Alejandra301:

1. X (Guessed warrior)

2. V

3. V

Bonus: V

Score: 67%

➡ Winners:

Ok, I know there is only three contestants, so if one got 00%, they would have got at least 3rd, but anyways, I’m still making this for those too lazy to compare the scores. 😉

1st: Alejandra301

2nd: Tobymacboy

3rd: Ntk743

So the winner is, Alejandra301! Congratulations for winning! You were also the only one to guess the bonus minifigure right! Congratulations! And I hope you all will enter many more MITM contests! Thank you!

So, what are you thinking? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And come back tomorrow for May The 4th! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Minifig In The Mosaic #3 Results!

    • Yep Tobymacboy, your first one was the right one. It’s like they say, unless your positive it isn’t, your first answer is probably correct. However, if I had not known the answers, I would have thought it was smart to chose Krazi, as the Bonus had the same hat as Krazi, and the top of the Court Jester’s torso looks kinda like the front of that shoulder armor piece with spikes that some of the Ninjago skeletons wear. At least I think it does. Anyways, thanks for entering, and please enter the next contest! 😀

      • I love the contests! I had it as court jester but later I saw Krazi in my brother’s Ninjago Encyclopedia and I thought it was that 😦

        I’m trying to think of some sort of contest for my website , like maybe a shadow of a figure , or something IDK.

      • My claw machine didn’t work at all , so I too am not sure what to do. I asked Admin on TBB’s FB page if she could say something about it so maybe I can boost its popularity.

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