May Celebration On Brick Archives!

Ah, May. Such a great month of the year. With May Day, Star Wars Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and more, May is a rather nice month. Don’t forget it’s also the last few weeks of agony for most of us still in school. 😉

So, if May is so great, how could it be any greater? Well, how about a Brick Archives May Celebration? You’re probably wondering, “what would happen during a Brick Archives May Celebration?” Well, lots of things! during May, we will be publishing posts every few days showing brickfilms, MOCs, sales, and even pictures of the summer 2013 LEGO sets! We will also finally see the Rooms being worked on, and we will also fix up parts of the site, and add other little random things. 😛

Here’s what you will expect for the first few days of the May Celebration.

May 3: The Minifig in The Mosaic contest #3 results!

May 4: a post featuring lots of cool LEGO Star Wars goodies, including cool brickfilms!

May 6: EPIC BATTLES: Cavetroll vs. Goblin King LEGO Lord of The Rings brickfilm!

There you have what’s sceduled for the first few days of the Brick Archives May Celebration! However, for now, the rest is a secret! 😉

So, what are you most excited about? What theme’s summer sets do you want to see most? What are you planning on doing this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below by clicking here!

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4 thoughts on “May Celebration On Brick Archives!

  1. HOW did you get it to go to a certain part by clicking the link!?!?! May the 4th is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! BTW I’m pretty sure there weren’t sets in 1213 😛

    • I’ll email you how I did the link. however, I’m unsure if it works on all devices (Alejandra301, may you please tell me if the link at the end of the post works on your Kindle Fire?) BTW thanks for noticing that embarrassing typo. 😆

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