Minifig In The Mosaic Contest #2 Results Plus A Little News

Hello everybody! As the title suggests, I will be giving out the results of the second Minifig In The Mosaic Contest, plus a little bit of news. So, let’s start out with the MITM results! πŸ˜›

Actually, before we start, let me say that the contestants Aubreygrace14 & Yodaman5556 entered after the supposed deadline. However, because I never officially announced the contest was over (my bad), I will let their entries count. Anyways, There was only one other contestant, Tobymacboy, so why not have two others? (PS: I’m not letting that happen again. Ever. :wink:)

So, here we go! By the way, this will be a little different from the last contest results.


1. Tobymacboy

2. Yodaman5556

3. Aubreygrace14

Minifigures (the answers):

1. Jar Jar Binks

2. B1 Battledroid

3. Arc Trooper

Bonus minfigure:


Now, before we show the entries, let me say that even though #2. is a battle droid, Tobymacboy & Yodaman5556 said a pilot droid and a commander droid (respectively), I’m giving it to them both anyways, as first, those all are types of B1 battle droids, second, the only difference is a coloring on the droid’s chest, and three, the photo altered itself to make it look as if their was a color on the droid’s chest instead of it being a plain tan.

Contestant Entries:


1. Correct

2. Correct

3. Correct

Bonus minfigure


Score 100%



1. Correct

2. Correct

3. Correct

Bonus Minifigure


Score 100%



1. Correct

2. Wrong (Guessed: Clone Trooper (sorry, but that wasn’t specific enough! Hope you understand!))

3. Correct

Bonus Minifigure


Score 67%


As you may have noticed, at the end of each contestant’s entry, I put a score. Here’s how the scoring works. For 1, 2, & 3, you get 33 points, and for the bonus, you get 1 point. So, if you get one of them right, you get 33%, if you get two right, 66%, if you get three right, 99%, and if you get 1, 2, 3, and the bonus, 100%. (If you got one of them right, and the bonus, you get 34%.)


As for the news, here we go. πŸ˜†

as i said in the day before yesterday’s post, I’m back on the blog and will be staying. However, I won’t be able to write a post every day, rather, every other day or every three days. Sorry about that.

Also, I will soon be updating The Rooms. Notice, I didn’t put a specific date for when I will, as the last times I did, I (sigh) didn’t update them as promised. Instead, I will be adding updates to them every once and a while, with some updates bigger than others. I will also, sadly, be taking away the chat rooms. I do not know when I will put them back up. But to make up for that, I will be adding new room portals for the other large LEGO themes, such as City, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Friends, Chima, and maybe a few others such as CMF and Hero Factory.

So, there you go. And don’t forget to come back on Friday for the Minifig In The Mosaic #3!


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