Brick Archives Update #2

Welcome to the second Brick Archives Update! To start, let me just say you may have noticed that we have recently been interested in updating our Rooms. Sadly, we have not been able to find a time to do so. However, we do plan on actually starting these updates today, Although they probably won’t show up until around Friday or Saturday. The reason is that we will also be adding other various things, such as a FAQ, and other non Brick Archives related reasons. 😉

For the Rooms, we plan on adding things such as recent news of the theme, a better photo gallery, and even a chat room! We would also like to spruce up the Rooms a bit.

Although this is a pretty short post, and I won’t possibly be able to write any posts for the next few days, but remember, it will be worth no posts for all the various things that we soon be popping up on Brick Archives. So, what do you think of the ideas for the new Rooms? Do you think they will be worth it? Do you enjoy the current Rooms? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😛

Also, you can view the first Brick Archives update here. Brick Archives Update #1

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