LEGO Video- Brotherhood Workshop’s Brick Built Treebeard

Do you like Lord Of The Rings? If so, you must love the new Lord Of the Rings & The Hobbit LEGO themes! However, many fans have noticed that lots of important characters haven’t been put into sets as minifigures. These minfigures are characters such as Sauron, Gandalf The White, Galadriel, The Knights Of Gondor, and many others. But wait! Many creatures are also waiting for their chance to come out in LEGO form. Namely, Fellbeasts, those Trolls shown in the Return Of The King, and that nasty Balrog. But wait, there’s one more! Treebeard! Luckily, there are rumours we will get a brick-built Treebeard in the may 2013 Lord Of The Rings sets. However, the very popular LEGO brickfilm channel on YouTube, Brotherhood Workshop, couldn’t wait until then for a LEGO Treebeard for their latest brickfilm, LEGO Treebeard’s Holiday special. So how did they get their Treebeard? The made it theirselves! 😛



In the video below, master designer David Ulrich shares some of his secrets on how he created his awesome custom-built LEGO Treebeard. 😉

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I just love their Treebeard! It’s really cool how he used different Bionicle pieces to make him flexible and look like an Ent. All of the leaves, moss, and paint David gave him made his Treebeard have that really awesome Ent look. It was also funny how for his prototype he through in many random LEGO elements like a jackhammer and a pistol! If you want to watch more Brotherhood Workshop videos, click here.



So, how do you like their Treebeard? Have you tried to make your own Treebeard? Do you wish Brotherhood Workshop would also make characters such as the Balrog? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😛

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7 thoughts on “LEGO Video- Brotherhood Workshop’s Brick Built Treebeard

      • Jeremy, soon you won’t have any LEGOs left if you do that! You shouldn’t take apart your very favorite MOC’s, but you should take apart your others. If you feel bad about it, you can take a photo so you would know how to rebuild it again. 😉

      • Yeah I do that too I took apart my ALL TIME FAVE MOC , my correct to scale ep5 AT-ST and my Naboo Starfighter.

      • Well , it was taking up too many “Valuable” parts (parts that can be used for lots of different MOCs)

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