Brick Archives Update #1!

Hello! Welcome to the first Brick Archives update! Before we start, let me just say your probably wondering what the Brick Archives Update is. Well, it’s basically a post I (Nace10) will write every few months. In these posts, I will tell you about the different new things on Brick Archives, some changes we have made, and some of the different things that we will soon do. Also, unlike most of the updates that I will later write, I will give you a short summary of some of Brick Archives stats in this one, to give you a view of what has happened here this year. The stats will include things like how many comments have been written, how many pictures we have downloaded, how many posts we have published, ect. πŸ˜›

First, one of Brick Archives’ resolutions is to have more posts published. This means we won’t randomly publish posts, but we will publish one post a day. This may change to two later on. We will also try to make our posts longer. Also, another one of our resolutions is to constantly work on our new rooms.

Next, let’s go over some of Brick Archives’ stats:

Brick Archives was started on either the 3rd or 4th of October, but our first post was made on the 5th of October. As of now, we have had 1, 595 different visitors, and 28 posts published (not counting this one). We have had over 210 comments. We have had over 130 different pictures uploaded, including ones that have not been used. Our busiest day was November 23rd, on which we got 101 different visitors. (How did it land so close to 100?) We have had 57 different countries visit us, with the USA being the most popular, and UK & New Zealand not far behind. Lastly, we have 4 writers, Tobymacboy, Taryn, Plasmagirl19, and me, Nace10 , although Taryn and Plasmagirl19 haven’t written anything yet. πŸ˜‰

Next, the update!

First, here are some of the changes to Brick Archives: As mentioned above, we will publish one post a day, although this will not be followed today as many will be written to celebrate the last day of 2012. We will also try to make the posts longer with more pictures and videos. We will try to fix our comment situation, as many comments have been grabbed by our spam filter. To try to fix this, comments will almost always be moderated within a few hours after they are written, regardless if they are in the spam filter or not. We will try to fix our system for finding things, as the only way to find stuff is to search for it, even though this is probably the best way to find something on Brick Archives. πŸ™„

Now, here is some of the things we will and have added:

We have recently added Rooms, which are basically different places to find videos, pictures, chat rooms (not currently up), and other things for different LEGO themes. we will also add and fix some of our widgets, which are the things to the right of the screen, like the amount of visitors and the follow blog via Email widget. Also, I will do a new thing weekly called “Minifig Spin” were I will spin a minfigure on a Ninjago spinner and you will try to guess it, which you may have seen before as “Spin ‘N Guess!” on Ninja Of Ninjago. (I actually made it up, but I let the admin of Ninja Of Ninjago use it. He came up with the name.) πŸ˜†

Even though that’s not everything, that’s pretty much all I can tell you. Remember to come on often today to check out some of the posts we will have today. Or just use the :Follow Blog Via Email” widget about a few inches down from the top right of the screen to get Emails when a new post is published. If you got anything to say, just leave us a comment. Happy New Years Eve! πŸ˜›

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