LEGO Star Wars 2013 Sets Hitting Shelves!

Written by, TobyMacBoy

I have been addicted to LEGO Star Wars since about mid 2011 , and I am very glad to say that the NEW LEGO Star Wars 2013 sets are out NOW! I was at Toys “R” Us with my little brother and he ran up to me with the new set of my dreams , the 75000 Droideka battle pack!


I wanted to buy it, but I am at my spending limit and anyways, it is going to cost less at Walmart. (Plus, my aunt usually buys me a Walmart gift card for Christmas). I LOVE Droidekas and we haven’t had Episode II sets since 2003 , so I am going to get it for sure. TEN years without a EP II set a long time to wait for set remakes, so most have had to use vintage clones or Clone Wars minifigs. What is your opinion on this set? Are you going to get this? How do you like the new Droidekas? Please comment!

BTW, This is my first post here, if you don’t count Jesus Is The Way, Which I let the admin, Nace10, Copy/Paste to publish. Also, I have my own site which I publish posts about LEGO and video games, Classics Rising. GOD BLESS!

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