a Little Christmas Gift from Us To You

As all of us are getting excited because Christmas is tomorrow, I decided to give all Brick Archives visitors a gift. The gift, is to help you celebrate Christmas Eve by publishing tons of awesome posts today, starting at 8:30 Mountain Time! Our first post will be from the great writer and good friend of mine, TobyMacBoy, announcing some interesting news, and his thoughts on it. Next, we will give you a short but amazing brickfilm full of great quality and neat effects. then I will show you one of the greatest and most detailed MOCs (My Own Creations) I’ve ever seen. The rest, I’ll keep secret for now, but remember to check back often today for new posts! If you think you will have a hard time remembering, we suggest you use the subscribe feature located near the top right side of the site to get Emails as soon as a new post is published. 😉

Merry Christmas Eve!

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7 thoughts on “a Little Christmas Gift from Us To You

  1. Today? Umm… IDK I will try but going to relatives houses today. How would LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog do? I have some large MOC’s that look just like the real deal that I could send in .

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