LEGO Videos- LEGO Shopping

A lot of people go LEGO shopping, but what happens when an actual LEGO man goes shopping? Lots of catastrophes, is probably what the minifigure in the video below might say. This poor minifig learns that, shopping for everyday items isn’t as easy as it looks. 🙄

Great brickfilm, right? I love how the creator uses many different heads to really show the different expressions, and also how minifigs change clothes. I also really liked the punch line at the end. I guess if LEGO fans hate “clone brands”, minifigures do even more! Also, if you want to see more stopmotions by MICHAELHICKOXFilms, click here.

So, how did you like the film? Did you like the different creative ideas Michael used? Do your wish Brick Archives would make more posts on brickfilms, or less? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😀

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15 thoughts on “LEGO Videos- LEGO Shopping

  1. Once again I cant watch youtube vids , but I do know that MH makes great videos , since I use to watch them. Some of his vidoes are on GodTube also.

  2. I’ve had one “In the Making” for about a year now , LEGO Camping! All the terrors of a city boy camping (Done by the LEGO version of myself). Im not really a city boy though. South Georgia isn’t much of a “city” place. The video has been done for a while but I am probably going to remaster the sounds when I get a laptop.

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