Lord Of The Rings Video- Merry Christmas From The Orcs

Have you ever wondered what Orcs do around Christmas? If so, watch this very funny brickfilm made by the popular LEGO stop motion channel, BrotherhoodWorkshop. 😛


In this video, the Orcs are preparing for Christmas by looking for the perfect Christmas trees to chop down. However, not everyone is happy about their little festivities. Because of this, the Orcs decide to “make do” with what they can get. 🙄

Here is the video. Enjoy! 😀

Funny video, wasn’t it? Did you like Kevin’s brick built TreeBeard? I wonder if the rumored TreeBeard set coming out in 2013 will be anything like his.

Also, as you can see, BrotherhoodWorkshop can defiently be considered one of the best LEGO stop motion channels on YouTube. I really like the quaility of the videos, and also how Kevin likes to sneak characters like Gollum and Chewbaca into different scenes of his films. If you want, you can view more BrotherhoodWorkshop videos here.

So, how did you like the video? Was it funny? Have you seen BrotherhoodWorkshop videos before? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😛

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