Brick Archives Gets 1,000 Visitors!

Yay! In just two months and five days, Brick Archives has reached the 1,000 different visitors mark! Actually, as of this writing, Brick Archives has gotten 1,004 different visitors! Also, as of this writing, BA has gotten 9 new visitors today. Our busiest day was November 23, which was when we got 101 new visitors! We have made 17 different posts, and have over 180 comments! 😛

Also, we hope to get many more of each of the things stated above!  Though, of course, we can’t do some of the things up above, but you can! If you would like to help us get more popular, read on! They are all easy & free! 😀

➡ Tell Your Friends!

If you have any LEGO loving friends, please tell them about Brick Archives! You can either tell them our address, write it down and give it to them, or E-Mail them the link, . And don’t forget to tell them to share BA with their friends too! :mrgreen:

➡ Share Us On Twitter, Facebook, Or Other Social Networking Sites!

This one is very easy! Just under the end of a post, ( if your not on the home screen),  you can find buttons that you can click to share that post on your social networking page! Please do this as many times as you like! 😆

➡ Start Commenting!

Really like one of our posts and want to tell us? Wondering how we did something? Want to interact with other LEGO fans? Then please comment! Comments can be found below posts, but if you are on the home page, then just click the link below the article that says “17 Comments” or “3528 Comments” or “0 Comments” or however many comments there are.

If your comment goes under moderation, don’t worry! All comments (excluding the comments of people I know) are all viewed before they are shown. Comments are almost always moderated within 1 to 2 hours, so it won’t take long to pop up. 😉

As you can see, we our hoping to get many more people! We hope you will help us too! Have you ever told one of your friends about us? Have you shared us on Facebook, Twitter, ect? (If not, please do!) have you been watching our visitor population grow? Share your thoughts in the comments below! (And then you’ll be helping us!) 🙄

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3 thoughts on “Brick Archives Gets 1,000 Visitors!

  1. HOW ON EARTH? IDK how u get so many people on ur website. I have 120 and ntk got almost 100,000 and u got 1,000!!! I wanna know! Probably gunna make it equal Sonic and LEGO so I can attract LEGO fans (they are actually easy 2 get) and then they will see the Sonic and BOOM get more peeps.

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