Ninjago VS. Chima Poll!

For awhile now, Ninjago fans have been talking about a new theme, Legends Of Chima, which is supposed to replace Ninjago. After seeing some pictures of the new Chima sets coming out in 2013, some fans have been thrilled, and others have been horrified. Well, were do you stand? Say were in this new poll! 😛

So, what did you pick? Do you like the new Chima sets? How about the Ninjago sets? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😉

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16 thoughts on “Ninjago VS. Chima Poll!

  1. I picked “Keep Ninjago!” because Ninjago, in my opinion, is much better than Chima and has a better storyline…about LEGO SpongeBob -it will end soon. LEGO TMNT (also done by Nickelodeon) is replacing it.

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