New Ninjago 2013 Pictures!

Many Ninjago fans have been disapointed that Ninjago will end in 2013. Well, that’s not true. Not just will it not end in 2013, but Ninjago will boast six more sets! 😀 we don’t know the exact names or details,  Even though we do have some nice pics! Check them out! 😛


This one seems to be the rumored Light TempleIt has a nice temple with four cool weapons colored blue, green, white, & red.

It has five minifigs, Sensi Wu, Lord Garmadon (with some bat like helmet), two Stone Warriors, one with a katana and another with a crossbow, and  a golden ninja in a golden robot. Who knows, it might be Lloyd! 😯



This one is a intresting looking vehicle with four treads. It also has a small snow-mobile like thing. It comes with three minifigs, Zane, and two Stone Warriors.



This one is a awesome looking golden dragon and a small little launch pad with some cool swords & some dynamite. It has three minifigs, The Golden Ninja & two Stone warriors. (Again). 🙄


This seems to be a large drill. It has two minifigs, Cole & a Stone Warrior.


This is a odd shaped vehicle with two wheels and a tread. It has two minifigs, Jay Stone Warrior.


This is a small robot with a red sword. It has two minifigs, Kai & aStone Warrior.

Awesome sets! The Golden Dragon & Cole’s Drill are really cool! Even though we have no real release date, they will probably come out early or mid-2013. 😆

So, how do you like them? Are they cool, or lame? Have you seen them already? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉



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