Cool Custom LEGO Weapons From BrickArms!

If you are looking for weapons for your LEGO battle scenes, but are bugged by LEGOs small amount of basic weapons, look no further than BrickArms! With over 100 different pieces, you might find a cool weapon from BrickArms your minifigs have been aching to have near their side! 😉

Here are some of the many weapons BrickArms. (Click the images for a larger view.)

BrickArms HCSR:

Taking minifig sniping to the next level, the BrickArms High Caliber Sniper Rifle (HCSR) packs a punch so tough, it can engage both enemy soldiers and their vechicles! Incredibly powerful and accurate even at extreme distances, give your minifig snipers the most powerful sniper rifle there is with the BrickArms HCSR!

BrickArms Mk2 Frag Grenade:


A classic of warfare, a fragmentation grenade strikes at the enemy with a powerful explosion and razor-sharp shrapnel. Terrifyingly effective as an anti-personnel weapon, BrickArms now lets you add this iconic weapon to your figs’ arsenal with the BrickArms Mk2 Frag Grenade, a highly detailed accessory that beautifully captures the segmented look of this style of grenade.

 Have your figs send a BrickArms Mk2 Frag Grenade flying towards their foes today!

BrickArms Baseball Bat:

If spring is in the air, the grass is green, and the sky is clear, then it must be time for America’s favorite pastime: loan sharking!

The baseball bat is equally famous for its use in sport and as a makeshift club for home defense and other less law-abiding pursuits. So if you’re looking to equip your minifigs for a friendly game of baseball or a rumble in a back alley, either way the BrickArms baseball bat is a must-have item.

 So take your fig out to the ball game…or else!

BrickArms Claymore

Slashing down from the misty highlands of Scotland, it’s the BrickArms Claymore! Based on classic 16th century claymore designs, the BrickArms Claymore is guaranteed to make an imposing addition to any castle armory.

Your figs’ lives and freedom are both safe and sound when they’re armed with the BrickArms Claymore!

BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle (LAR)

Hey there, pilgrim! What you’re looking at here is the BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle, and ain’t she a beaut? A finer minifig Western rifle there ain’t, and she’s based what them history-minded fellas call “the gun that won the West.” Me, I just call it handy to have on the trail, and no cowhand minifig should have to go without one.

So fill your minifig’s hand with the best there is: the BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle!

So, how do you like those? If you like Pirates, WWI, WWII, Western, Modern Warfare, Castle, or Sci Fi, you should definitely think about buying s weapon for your minifigs from BrickArms. 😛

If you want to see other weapons, visit Do note they no longer sell straight from their site, but you can buy BrickArms from online resellers & physical stores.

Have you ever heard BrickArms? Do you have any BA customs? Do you want any? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😀

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